Wine Country Math Teachers’ Circle

Wine Country Math Teachers’ Circle

Welcome to the Wine Country Math Teachers’ Circle! Founded in 2017, we aim to help teachers experience the creative and exploratory nature of mathematics, regardless of prior mathematical knowledge. Additionally, we hope to connect local primary and secondary school teachers with professors. We believe this will provide professors with a personal perspective of early mathematics education, and school teachers with a better understanding of the depth of mathematics. Meetings are free and include complimentary dinner.


Sonoma County Office of Eduation, 5340 Skylane Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403


For more information, please contact Martha Byrne, WineCountryMTC (a) gmail . com

Leadership Team

Martha Byrne, Sonoma State University
Ben Ford, Sonoma State University
Laura Williams Rigby, Washington Middle School (Cloverdale USD)
Renee Duvander, Instructional Technology & Math Coach (Cloverdale USD)

If you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us.

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