AIM Math Teachers' Circle – San Jose

AIM Math Teachers’ Circle – San Jose

Founded in 2006 at the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), the AIM Math Teachers’ Circle is the original member of the national Math Teachers’ Circle Network.

Every month from September to April (except December), the AIM Math Teachers’ Circle will offer meetings for math teachers interested in exploring accessible, exciting topics in mathematics and learning about a problem-solving approach to teaching math. Meetings are also held on selected Saturday mornings. Meetings include lunch or dinner, which is complimentary.

We’ll make some beautiful conjectures – some of which might be totally false. Then we’ll celebrate the human gift of erring and come up with some more conjectures. Let’s remove the stigma of failure from the classroom by celebrating false conjectures and interesting errors. Mathematics should be physically beautiful. Engage an extra 10-20% of students by keeping things beautiful.


American Institute of Mathematics, 600 E. Brokaw Rd., San Jose, CA 95112. We are on the second floor of the Fry’s Electronics Home Office (on the other side of the building from the Fry’s store entrance). You can park anywhere in the Fry’s lot adjacent to Brokaw Rd.


Sonya Kohli, American Institute of Mathematics, skohli (at) aimath . org

Leadership Team

Brian Conrey, American Institute of Mathematics
Tom Davis, San Jose Math Circle
Mary Fay-Zenk, Miller Middle School (retired)
Tatiana Shubin, San Jose State University
Josh Zucker, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

If you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us.

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