AIM Math Teachers’ Circle – Stanford

February 14, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Stanford University
Ventura Hall
220 Panama St, Stanford, CA 94305
Sonya Kohli

Session leader: Scott Kim
Session topic: TBA

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Leader Bio:

Scott Kim has been a puzzle designer since 1991. With a background in music, computer science, math, and graphic design, his passion is creating intriguing experiences that merge math and the arts through games and play. His books include Inversions (a collection of his ambigram lettering designs), The Little Book of Big Mind Benders, and Math Dance (with Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern). For the last five years he has been designing educational math games for elementary school students, and recently started the Math Monday weekly math game program for schools.

Session Abstract:

Description: Games and puzzles are a great way to bring mathematical concepts alive for students. They also provide a fun way to practice skills, and develop a growth mindset toward tackling unfamiliar challenges. In this talk I will help you get the most out of using games to teach math, by looking at how to find the right game for the subject you are teaching, different ways to use games for different kinds of learning, and how (and why) you and your students can invent your own math games. For more about Scott, see